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  • Clumping litter versus non clumping litter

    Good morning. I have found a matter that I need to pass on to you. When my Sidney became ill and died the next morning it was a real shocker. Almost three years later we still miss him and think of him. But what I wanted to write about was many of you report that you use clumping litter. I recently read that clumping litter can increase in size up to 15 times. That means a small piece of clumping litter could end up being the size of a pea. If ingested that could really cause problems for our cats. I am just passing on information and hope you will take time to read and make an informed decision with your own cats. Had I known that three years ago I wouldn't have taken the chance by using clumping litter. Honestly at 15 years I'm not sure what took Sidney so suddenly, but he was such a loving kitty and never knew a stranger. He made sure to climb on everyone that visited my home and loved to get his face right in theirs, whether they wanted him to or not. Until next time, Susan.
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