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    We are very excited that changes are coming to the catsdesire disposable litter box! We have ordered a new cutting die from the manufacturer, today in fact. Our box will now lock together on the sides, making the structure much stronger. Also the front and back walls of the box have been made more rigid. These changes have taken time and considerable effort by several box enginneers as well as cat lovers to assure the best outcome. We are confident the result will be a much improved product. Our disposable litter box will still have the features our customers have become used to, the moisture barrier, the thick walled construction and large size. Furthermore the option of an open or enclosed litter box with locking handles, and of course the ability to fill, use, fold and toss the triangle shaped box when done. To each and every one of our customers I want to thank you for using our litter box. After all it's your faith in us that has fueled our growth, and your comments that helped us improve!  I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday.  Susan  P.S. Don't forget the contact us tab if you want to send us a message.
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