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  • Disposable litter box with litter available on Amazon.

    Our disposable litter box with litter is now available on Amazon. It comes with 2 of our quality trays and 10 pounds of traditional clay litter. This is twice the value of our competitors at half the cost. Please check us out at Amazon under pet products then disposable litter boxes. Our reviews are genuine and we do not compensate for reviews like some of the large companies. Our tray is much larger than the others. Each tray is17 inches wide by 19 inches long by 9.5 inches tall. Our product is the only patented 2 in 1 disposable litter box on the market. It provides options for your kitty, to use it as an open litter tray or as a covered litter box.    We are very excited to have our new kitty and be able to offer the convenience of our product to include litter.                                                                   We at Cats Desire Disposable Litter boxes believe in our product that's why we use it everyday ourselves. We recently adopted a shelter cat who we named Sassy. It has been over two years since we lost Sidney and we were ready to start over. Sassy is a very healthy one year old Calico who loves to climb on top of the litter box. (In fact that's were her food bowl resides now.) Having our new friend has added to our family in a wonderful way, and we love not having to clean a litter box to boot! We just scoop it daily and after a few days it starts to get a little smelly we fold it down and dispose of it. We then replace it with another fresh box. I must admit we ran short a couple of times and had to stretch the box out for over two weeks. This is past its design but it held out fine.  Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope you have a meowful day! Susan. Cats Desire Disposable Litter Boxes
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