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New Cat Care Product Soon!

susan harrelson

     I am excited to tell you today we are getting close to adding another cat care product to our line. An innovative cat bed that combines several of the best loved features of existing cat beds. This process as you can imagine takes allot of work and time to get it right. We are approaching the prototype phase and then it will progress on to the product tester, (our own Sassy Cat). This part is one of the most satisfying, getting to see how our own cat reacts to the product. After that has been done for several weeks we will send the product out to other cat lovers for unbiased feedback. We then look at any problems and suggestions for improvement before beginning production.

     As with both of our other products we came up with this idea from using the products that are out there now for years, and then thinking there has to be a better way. Our goal is to improve cat care by adding options that we find useful through our own experiences.  Having had cats for over 60 years gives me the experience to say what I find useful.  Please stay tuned for the pictures of the product coming soon. I will send out an email to our customers as well.  Susan, Owner Cats Desire.



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