• 10 pack Bonus Value pack - Cats Desire Disposable Cat Litter Boxes-***NOT pre-folded*** Ships in 2 to 3 business days


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    Cats Desire disposable cat litter boxes are easy to use, convenient and disposable. Our cat litter trays and cat litter boxes are made of a tough, partially recycled cardboard, with an almost invisible moisture resistant barrier.  Our unique litter box design allows Cats Desire to be an open kitty litter tray or use two trays together to create a covered cat litter box.  A fresh, clean, replacement is just moments away!  Please allow regular UPS ground shipping times to arrive.


    Tray size: 19”x 17”x 9” deep

    Covered box size: 19”x 17”x 18” tall

    Collapsible for easy disposal


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