New Look & Trays with Litter NOW HERE!

Largest High-Sided Open Tray or Private Covered Box - You choose!

We understand all cats and owners are different, so you can choose which

configuration works best for you, either an open tray or an enclosed box with our patented locking tabs.

Our tray is also one of the largest disposable trays

(each tray is 17" Wide x 19" Deep x 9.5" High • covered box is 19" x 17" x 18" )

to help with "elevator-butt" and scatter to keep the mess inside the box, where it should be.


Easy assembly and disposal. Each tray comes shipped flat to you. Just a quick fold and your tray is ready to use! The patented design of our tray lets the customer choose between a single high-sided open tray or an enclosed box by just a flip of the handle. Each tray is exactly the same, so when you dispose of the bottom used tray, just flip the top over and use as the next bottom!