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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Won’t Cats Desire leak or fall apart?
No – Cats Desire is designed with a moisture barrier applied to all inside surfaces during the manufacturing process to maximize durability.  Our litter box is not intended to hold liquid like a bowl but to provide a barrier until the litter can perform its intended function – capturing liquids, solids and odors.
Cats Desire is intended to degrade quickly once it arrives at the land fill and is biodegradable.
Will cardboard really do the job?
This concern was foremost on our minds while we were designing our product. What good would a disposable litter box be if it couldn’t hold up to daily use? We have tested this product for durability and stand behind our decision to make it of cardboard. Our manufacturer has been in the cardboard box design and manufacturing business for a very long time. Their engineers helped us decide on what material would perform best. They recommended the weight and thickness of the cardboard and recommended a food grade moisture barrier for added protection. After testing and years of our own use, we are certain this design will withstand normal usage.
What if I have an "enthusiastic digger", is the entrance too low?
We have designed our trays to accommodate all ages of cats. Most kittens and elderly cats need a lower opening to enter. In some cases, large and healthy adult cats can be very aggressive in their covering, and can lead to kicking litter out. Our solution is to place another tray inside, facing the other way which eliminates a lower opening. This is not usually a problem for these healthy cats to enter the box without a lower opening. Then that tray can be used as the next clean tray.

How easy is Cats Desire to fold?
Cats Desire is as easy to fold as any other box – no taping required. Watch the video on the “How To” button for a full demonstration on folding, adding a cover and collapsing the box.  The folding instructions are printed right on the box. Once you have completed folding your litter box for the first time, you will never have to see the instructions again.
Will my cat destroy a cardboard box?
We have yet to hear about any of our customers' cats destroying the boxes. From our experience, each cat continues to use these just as they used their previous boxes. If anything, they are more attracted to it because it is cardboard.
How do I get my cat to change to a disposable litter box?
All cats like the smell of a new box with fresh litter and just step right in. Be sure not to change the type of litter at the same time you are converting yourself and your cat to a life of leisure. Another no-no is changing the location of the litter box, place your new litter box where your cat is used to going.
What if my cat doesn't like enclosed litter boxes?
Cats Desire can be used as a simple open litter tray or combine two trays together for a covered litter box.
Should each cat have their own litter box?
Some cats prefer their own litter box while others don’t mind sharing. Now would be a great time to give each kitty their own litter box. If you are a new owner or are introducing another cat to your home you should have a separate box for each cat. This helps avoid transmitting an illness from one cat to another and keeps the box from being over used.
What kind of litter should I use?
In the beginning you should use the same type of litter that your cat is use to using. Once your cat is accustomed to a Cats Desire litter box you can change to any litter you wish to try. Using a clumping litter will greatly lengthen the life of your litter box. There are also many natural and biodegradable clumping litters on the market now, which make the whole box fully biodegradable after it has been used.
Do I have to scoop litter with Cats Desire?
If your cat is finicky about their bathroom, which some cats are, then regular scooping will be needed if you’re up for it. Some cats tolerate a box for one week with no maintenance at all – I hope you have a cat like that!  Most customers just throw it out when it gets too smelly for their cat or on trash service day.
What about for traveling?
These litter boxes are fantastic for traveling.  Cats Desire is also great when you have someone house-sitting your cat and you don’t want to burden them with the chore of cleaning that litter box. It’s nice to just toss it away once you get back after your time away – why spoil the last day of vacation with cleaning up that plastic litter box.
How often should I replace Cats Desire?
Up to four to six weeks with regular scooping.  Without scooping, this product is designed to last one week for one healthy, averaged size cat.  If scooping is as unpleasant for you as it is for me, throw it away when you feel it is necessary. A clean, fresh box is just seconds away!
Is Cats Desire green and ECO-Friendly?
Our product is made from trees and with recycled material, it is biodegradable and can be recycled.  Trees are a renewable resource, grown in the USA. 
Will my cat use a cardboard box?
Most cats will use almost any litter site if it is clean, secluded and smells fresh. When changing to a disposable litter box remember, place the new box in the same location as the previous litter box, and use the same type of litter your cat is use to.  Your cat will walk right in…
Can I handle cat litter while pregnant?
Have your cat checked by your veterinarian for possible diseases which may pose a risk to you and your unborn baby. If your cat checks out ok, keep it indoors until your baby is born. This will help keep your cat from contracting any illness from the great outdoors. Any doctor will tell you that handling cat waste poses a risk for many diseases. If you are pregnant, use rubber gloves when handling the litter box. Wash your hands after disposing the litter box and gloves. Better yet, assign this chore to someone else in the house until the baby is born.
Is Cats Desire really made in the United States?
Yes, Cats Desire was designed by Americans; is owned by Americans; is manufactured in the United States and employs Americans. We are proud to have an all American made product which supports families right here in the United States.
How big is your disposable litter tray?
A tray is 9″ tall, 19″ front to back and 17″ wide.  If used as a covered litter box it is 18″ tall.  Our disposable litter tray is approximately the same size as a tradition plastic litter tray or pan. The sides are twice as high - nine inches tall which helps to contain litter scatter during the cover-up process. The sidewalls are flared out to give cats ample room to turn around and cover-up easily.
Can my dog use Cats Desire if they are litter box trained?
Absolutely! Any animal which is small enough to use a standard sized plastic kitty litter box will certainly find our disposable litter box roomy enough for their business.  Use a potty pad if your dog doesn’t like litter.
What diseases can cats pass on to me or my children?
Cats often carry diseases which can be transmitted directly to humans via the litter box and its contents; here is a list of the most common:
  • Cat-scratch disease, also called bartonellosis – the most common
  • Salmonellosis is a form of salmonella
  • Ringworm – a fungal infection, not an actual worm
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Giardiasis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Rabies
  • Parasites – like roundworms or hookworms
What other ways can Cats Desire be used?
  • Ÿ Great for training timid, shy pets to use a covered litter box
  • Ÿ Disposable animal bed – just add a pillow or blanket
  • Ÿ Nursery for expectant animals and their litters
  • Ÿ Great for vacations and traveling – no hassles or cleaning
  • Ÿ Ideal for your pet sitter while you are away
  • Ÿ Recovery area for wounded or injured animals away from the kids or other pets in your home
  • Ÿ Great retreat area for lazy cats, just leave out the litter
  • Ÿ Makes a great unexpected present for a baby shower or others who own   a cat
  • Ÿ Turn one over for your kitty to play hide and seek from
  • Ÿ Write us with your unique ways of using Cats Desire disposable litter boxes