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Cold temps and kitties, Help me to lower the price!

A few thoughts this cold November morning where most of us are once again caught in a deep freeze. Please keep your furry friends indoors. Now more than ever it is dangerous to allow them to go outside. Even with a coat on we can't stand to be outside more than a few minutes, this is just as true for our cats. Now a less important matter; This has been our most productive year at Cats Desire Disposable Litter boxes. More and more cat lovers have purchased our product and are enjoying the flexibility it offers. We now have regular customers for two going on three years. I want to thank you very much, as you are enjoying the box just as much as me and my family. For our newer customers I say wonderful and welcome aboard! I personally look at each order, really because I am curious as to what part of our country the orders are coming from.  I am amazed at how many small towns there are in the United States.  I intend to have a grand sale to finish off the end of the year, but can't decide the best possible way to approach it. I really don't want just another bogo or 20% off deal. I want to really make a huge difference to let everyone know we care. Even though this is my product it is hard for me to convince my partner to bring the prices down as he doesn't like to lose money. It would really help me if you the customer and reader would click on the contact us tab, and say "Tim bring down those prices!".  We read every email sent to us. He says no to me but he will not say no to you! For every individual customer-(One vote/one dollar per established customer) that tells Tim off I will take a dollar off the 10 pack, cumulative between now and December 1st. The new Month of December low price will be announced December 1st. And will be Off the $44.99 low now offered. This is not a gimmick. The new price will begin on the first of December and be good until the end of the month. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your emails. I hope to get these prices down, asking for your help. Yours Truly, Susan.       (Sidney resting on the couch, he was such a loving boy.)

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  • Hi there! – wanted to thank you for the litterboxes which arrived safely! Please could you let me know as soon as you have set prices for your December special, as I would love to order some more.

    I think your terrific product could easily cream the competition and finally make plastic litter boxes a thing of the past if you can somehow find a way to produce and sell enough of them to bring down the price a bit. This is obviously a big issue for people like me who have multiple cats and multiple boxes. I’m waiting to see how long mine last before needing a changeout – so far they’re holding up well.

    To that end wondering if there’s any way to have all flaps folding over to the outside, so that the inside surfaces could all be smooth? This would help a lot with keeping the box clean for longer.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Best Regards Marie-Claire & her mob
    Jago, Holly, Moose, Wednesday, Mami, Yoda & Pooks


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