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  • Amazon litter boxes

    Good morning I would like to address the amazon situation with our disposable litter boxes. We listed the 10 pack for sale with Amazon with the vendor express program.  We ship our litter boxes to them and they take orders and fill them. Somehow several of the orders were improperly filled. They shipped one or two of the boxes to customers instead of the 10 pack they had purchased. So far hearing from our customers Amazon is making this right with them directly. We are closely watching this situation. We recently agreed to relist the product under a new UPC with Amazon. After many emails and several phone conversations we are hopeful that the orders will now be properly fulfilled. As usual we will continue to sell our product here on the website,  .  We are almost finished with research and preparation to sell our disposable litter box with litter. It will continue to be a 10 pack, but other options we are adding are a 2 pack folded with litter and a 2 pack unfolded with litter. Sounds easy but it takes a fair amount of time and effort to make sure the details are taken care of so we can give you a quality product at the very best price possible. Every time I read another comment from our customers and how they are enjoying the cats desire disposable litter box I truly wish I could make them totally free so every one could experience the freedom and ease that our litter box provides.  Maybe one day. Thanks for reading and being our customer, Susan.
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