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Good morning. It is with a glad heart that I need to tell you that our product was after 5 years granted a USPTO patent. I myself don't have the patent number as of yet as I am waiting for the package from the attorney. This is exciting for us in many ways. First it validates that our product is unique as we have always believed. It should help us as we move forward with the development of our product. Soon we will post the patent number for any interested parties.  We continue to work on putting litter with the boxes. Soon you should be able to purchase the Cats Desire Disposable Litter Box with litter included. Go to or to Amazon under pet supplies and disposable litter boxes. Amazon usually beats our price as they ship so many products there is no way we can compete with their shipping costs. The only way I can think of that an individual could possibly beat Amazon would be a customer picks up the boxes up at a local distributor allowing for more of a wholesale cost of the box and wholesale shipping costs. We trust that one day our disposable litter box will be available in your local grocery store beside the litter. Please check out our reviews. Thanks to all of our customers and a special thanks to the ones who take time to review our product. Susan. P.S. As always feel free to email us at   we check it daily.

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