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Top and Side Entry Biodegradable Litter Box Folding Video.

We take your cats litter box needs seriously. In response to customer demands we have designed a patent pending litter box that gives you and your cats even more options. Same moisture barrier interior that allows your favorite litter to perform its job.


We are now introducing our new multi-purpose pad. The pad can be utilized in several scenarios.

• As a layover for discreet disposal of waste when disposing.

• As an additional layer of protection for multiple cat use, with or without a non-movable layer of litter underlayment. (For this use we recommend 1/2 inch of evenly placed litter, then place the moisture pad over that and fill with  2-3 inches on quality litter.) The moisture pad over litter method allows the box to far exceed normal demands of use. 

• As an additional bottom (placing on the bottom after assembly) to further lengthen box life, if necessary.

• To place on the lid, when using the box inverted, for kittens and elderly cats who need a lower entrance.

Our new box was designed to accommodate most cats. At 17.5 inches in length, 17.0 inches in width and 15.25 inches tall with a 5.5 inch front opening. Three pieces per set included- base, lid and multipurpose pad.