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“Overall really like these disposable litter boxes. Used to use the traditional plastic ones and they just get really dirty after awhile. Cannot get rid of the smell and eventually have to throw them out. These disposable cardboard litter boxes last a pretty long time over all if you clean them daily and keep a lot of cat litter in it. They don't smell and you have to love just tossing them out when they are no longer useable.”

Craig H.


Couldn't be happier!



“Works great after a month toss in the trash and replace. High sides keep the litter in when they kick.”

Kevin W.


“Love,love,love these boxes!”

Judith L.   Florida, USA


“Life Saver.  Honestly I love these disposable litter trays. No more worrying about the litter residue clogging up the pipes. Fabulous idea!”



“I have housebroken cats 3 of them. I wanted to use these for very cold and snowy days indoors. They love them and so do I. I will be buying more.Simple to put together and easy to dispose. Thank You Cats Desire”

Sheila P.   New York USA


“Pawsome, pawsome, pawsome!  These boxes are super easy to assemble, hold up really well (I have 9 cats), and are a breeze to dispose of. Never buying anything else! One of my cats "digs to China" and a couple like to pee up the sides. These boxes catch it all! Love love love”

Jenny S.   Couth Carolina, USA


“Great product and fast service.  I am a repeat buyer and will keep doing so.”

Michael L.   New York, USA


“These boxes are perfect for our 2 cats. Its makes it a lot easier to dispose of cat litter because I can just fold the box up and put into a regular kitchen garbage bag and put it out with the household garbage.”

Kelly H.   Florida, USA


“Just what we need.  Very nice useful item for a small condo."

Barbara R.   Arizona, USA


"Love them!! So happy I don't have to scrub litter boxes anymore"

Regina S.    Florida, USA


"Best. Thing. Ever.  No more dumping litter into a bag and scrubbing(or not) gross litter boxes."

Christy C. 3rd.   Virginia, USA


"3rd shipment here. Really enjoying the convenience the product allows me with 4 cats."

Anna R.   Texas, USA


“Great boxes.  Plastic absorbs odors after several months...these are more sanitary for cats and humans."

Hardin F.    Kentucky, USA


“I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your product. The cats love it, the cover decreases the litter box odor in the laundry room where I keep the litter box. I have two cats and I change the litter box out once a week on trash day. Perfect!!”

Vicky A.   Texas, USA


“Just wanted to let you know how great these are. I like how they are disposable, they hold up great. I have two cats that when they use the box they sound like they are digging to China! They have never gone through the box, i have never had a leak. I like on trash day I just fold it up and throw away. I never thought I would use a cardboard litter box, but I have been ordering for I think over a year now.”
Many thanks,

“Yes it is ok if you want to post my testimonial on your website.  I usually don't write about products, but it was great to get rid of the smelly plastic litter box.  There always seemed to be a litter box odor with the plastic, even when it was fresh.  I don't have that with your boxes.  Also a big plus is the high sides.  Like I stated before my cats like to dig and dig.  So no spillage which is great!”  

Nancy K.  Virginia, USA


“I really like the new box design.  I feel it is more sturdier.  These boxes are great.  No more smelly plastic boxes.  These are very sturdy.  My cats like to dig and dig.  They have never been able scratch through the box or compromise the coating.  I have never had any leakage at all.”

Nancy K.  Virginia, USA   Another nice comment from Nancy


“NO ONE SHOULD HANDLE CAT LITTER. This product is easy-simple and effective. Not only do u never have to touch cat litter again there is informative information provided. The moisture barrier is extremely effective-cats are private animals and thoroughly enjoy the enclosed box. Protect your home and your health by NEVER needing to clean a plastic box.”

Sue H.  Arkansas, USA


“I just wanted to thank you for your great product. I had used disposable litter boxes before but find your design much better and more cost efficient. Also, the way that the boxes fold down for disposal is genius and makes a messy job so much easier. I have five cats and one litter box for each. I was able to just clean and add to the litter for about 2 months before replacing the entire thing. Thanks again!

Ronda C.  Atlanta, Ga


“I'm an avid Amazoner and I have written very few reviews even though I love many of the products I have bought over the years. But I am compelled to write a review of this item b/c I don't think many people know about it. And it makes such a dramatic improvement in pet care that I am eternally grateful to this "mom & pop" business for inventing such a unique product. I only found it on accident surfing around the internet for who knows what. I will NEVER EVER change nasty kitty litter boxes again. EVER! So long as this little business is still in business. This makes one of life's disgusting chores... well not disgusting anymore. Once a week before the trash man comes I just fold up/close up this tea-pea littler box and put it in a garbage bag and take it to the curb! NO MESSING with dirty littler boxes and cat crap. NO more bending over getting crazy close to poop with my hands. No more washing out stinky nasty plastic littler boxes with caked on pee and poo. This makes littler changes sooo clean and sanitary I can't believe it. I don't know what to say folks other than... You won't regret it. You will love this invention. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? Good old American ingenuity! ( and to make life even easier, I drop this box into an ex large clear storage tote to keep any stray litter crumbs off the floor! No sweeping up stray litter). LOVE IT

Edit-- Ok I forgot to mention: I don't use it as an enclosed litter box. Meaning, I don't put one on upside down to make a hood. So I get a full 5 weeks out of these. Even if you did use the hood you wouldn't throw the hood away every week. You would either use the same hood all month or put the "Hood box" on the bottom next week for the litter. Also the company is always improving the product, probably based on customer feedback. They JUST improved the side latching tabs to ensure a better closer.”

Amber H. Kansas USA


“I have used this now for almost three years, and every time I throw this litter box out I am so grateful not to have to scoop and clean anymore. I told my husband to use the old plastic one for our car oil! They worked well for two cats but now even better with one since my older cat passed. Thanks for a wonderful product! P.S. They have a website [...] with more information, and now they have even started a monthly newsletter addressing cats health issues.”

Deborah S.   


I'm almost done with my second order of disposable litter boxes and I love them!!
I have an elderly cat that forgets she has to center herself in a normal litter box so I have a bit of clean up to do when she's done.
With Cats Desire boxes there's one low entry way and nice high sides so the only 'hangover' accidents are out the front once in a while. Total clean up is a breeze!
These have been the best invention I have see for cats in a very long time! Thank you so much!!

Kitty B.  California, USA