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Finicky cats and litter boxes

susan harrelson

Finicky cats can benefit from disposable litter boxes

If your cats are finicky and need a spotless bathroom every day, I feel for you.  Scooping litter has to be right up there with hair ball clean-up!  I hate it too, but some cats require this regiment or they will find somewhere else to go.  If you have to scoop and a covered litter box is hard to reach in to, choose a box which is open and deeper than a traditional litter tray.  These will help contain litter yet allow you easy access for scooping.  Covered litter boxes are harder for taller, older, physically limited or heavier people who have to stoop to scoop.  Choosing a deeper litter box will certainly be worth it if you fall into one of these categories.  If you are blessed, your cat doesn't need to have a spotless bathroom everyday but you would like to keep it that way.  In this case you should choose a style that eliminates everything you hate about your old style of litter box.  Now could be the time to look into changing to a disposable litter box.  These organic pet products are practical and are becoming the litter box style of choice for many reasons, cleanliness is just one.  Not having to clean a litter box is another huge factor for many people, some shouldn’t be cleaning one because of weakened immune systems; others because they have a difficult time performing the tasks of cleaning one; and people just hate cleaning up after their cats – who owns who after all.

Obviously covered or enclosed litter boxes are harder to clean and maintain than an open litter tray.  Separating the pieces and cleaning with soap and water, disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorizers, etc… can be a hassle.  With finicky cats, sometimes you have to perform this task more often than you want or you risk having them going in places you don’t want them to go.  The shape of the lid and the way it locks together can quadruple the amount of time it takes to clean every little nook and cranny of both pieces of an enclosed litter box.  Even a traditional litter box takes several minutes to clean properly if you want a sterile, healthy environment for your cat to use.  If you have multiple cats, the time adds up quickly!  Again, now may be the time to change to a disposable litter box and eliminate this task permanently.  Disposable litter boxes are being designed as enclosed litter boxes to meet the demands of cat lovers who hate sweeping up all that litter scatter.  Our organic pet litter box can be used open or enclosed.  Use a single box as an open litter tray - over nine inches tall!  If you use two identical sections, stacked one on top of the other, you get a large enclosed litter box at half the cost of a full sized box.  Just reuse the top for your next bottom section and add a new top, how simple is that!

 Covered or enclosed litter boxes can be great a thing for a cat owner.  They hide unsightly looking items and control litter scatter wonderfully.  Some cats feel trapped or feel like they are in for an ambush from other cats if you offer them a covered litter box.  if this is your situation, try using the bottom portion of the box for while until they get used to it and then install the lid.  Hopefully they will like it as much as you will.  Be sure to maintain your litter box according to your cat’s habits – sometimes we can overlook maintaining our cats’ bathroom when we can’t see what’s inside.  If the litter box remains unclean for long they will start going else where and this could turn into a habit.  This is one of the few downsides of covered litter boxes so keep its maintenance on a schedule.  There are disposable enclosed litter boxes out there which could give you a hassle free option when considering a covered litter box.  Please consider our disposable litter box and see for yourself why you and your cat deserve to be using a disposable litter box.  Open or enclosed we have you covered.


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