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Who uses disposable litter boxes?

susan harrelson

Who uses disposable litter boxes?

You might think only wealthy people, vacationers or lazy people would be those who choose to buy disposable kitty litter boxes, you would be wrong.  Women, men, boys and girls are all turning to disposable litter boxes – and for good reason.  With our busy schedules and concerns about keeping our homes a safe place for their children to play, disposable litter boxes can become a much needed time saver.  Imagine how those individuals, who have changed to disposable litter boxes, never have to scrub out that plastic tray again; never having to put on rubber gloves: never getting out the plastic bags: never filling the plastic tray with hot water and soap; and never getting out the bottles of cleansers, disinfectants and bleach.  I bet they hate never having to mess with all that stress ever again…LOL!  Disposable litter boxes are becoming lifesavers for everyone who owns and takes care of a cat or two.  If your wife or girlfriend takes care of their cats in the traditional way, why not surprise them with a gift of disposable litter boxes It would be so unique and unusual they would have to give you an A+ on the effort alone!  

Both men and women like disposable litter boxes because of how easy they are and how they eliminate having to clean the plastic disaster each week.  Men will generally find the easiest way to handle any situation and going disposable just makes since to them.  Although the disposable option is better for their homes in a sanitary way; they view getting rid of a soiled, stained and stinking plastic litter box permanently as the best thing they can do for their cat and their sanity!  Men are naturally opposed to doing more than is necessary to get the job done; they don’t mind doing the job but if they can do it easier, that’s the way they will choose.  Ladies, likewise – surprise your man with a gift of disposable litter boxes.  They may look at you funny at first but will quickly think it is one of the best gifts you ever got them.  

If you are trying to get your kids involved with taking care of the cat – good luck!  Kids love the idea of having a pet around the house and will promise you everything under the sun to get you to buy one.  Sad to say, once the cat is home and the reality of watering, feeding and cleaning out the litter box becomes real, sometimes kids will run and hide to avoid having any part of it – they just want to play and pet the cat, not take care of it.  The chores will eventually become your duty and you will feel the burden of yet another task in managing the house, after all you love the cat too and wouldn't want to see it go hungry or thirsty.  One way of helping the young ones take ownership and responsibility in managing the cat is give them disposable litter boxes.  They are easy enough for even a small child to use and they won't think of changing out the litter box as a stinky, time consuming mess.  Since the worst chore now becomes the easiest chore, feeding and watering their cat will be a breeze.  The whole idea of teaching your children how to care for a living animal and the importance of responsibility will be easily achieved. 


Other people who greatly appreciate disposable litter boxes are the elderly, handicapped, pregnant women and people with immune disorders.  Whether they are using them for heath and sanitary reasons or because of physical limitations, these disposable litter boxes are making it possible for them to keep their cats instead of adopting them out or finding homes for them.  Most people feel their cats are part of the family and getting rid of one can be devastating.  Pets greatly enhance the lives of individuals who are confined to their homes by giving them companionship that only a living thing can accomplish.  Eliminating the chore of cleaning out the plastic litter tray will allow them to care for their cats longer.  A disposable litter tray or covered litter box could give them the peace of mind to continue caring for their friends for many years to come.  Doctors will tell you that elderly people who own and care for animals are happier and healthier than other elderly individuals who have no one to be with during the long days at home alone.  



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