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Choosing a litter box for your kitty...

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Litter box options

 Whether you are shopping for an existing cat or choosing a litter box for a new kitty, choosing a style and type they like shouldn’t be much of a problem.  Whether choosing a plastic litter tray or a disposable litter box, there are plenty of options available in the litter box category.  Cats will use any litter box as long as it is clean, odorless and is filled with a litter they like.  Since this is usually the case, select a box that helps you eliminate as many issues for yourself as possible.  After all, you will be the one cleaning and maintaining the litter box and surrounding area - make it easy on yourself!

 Open litter trays

Open litter boxes have been around for many decades and are by far the most popular.  Plastic is the most available material for these styles of litter boxes – durable and they usually clean-up nice, if you don’t mind cleaning.  There are also disposable litter trays or boxes with almost as many styles and colors as the plastic ones.  They all come in several sizes, depths and every color you can think of… almost.  They come with rolled edges and anti-skid patterns on the bottom.  They also have trays with deeper walls and an entrance - even special shaped trays just for corners.  With all the colors and shapes of plastic or disposable litter trays, you should be able to find one that looks great and will fit in your kitties litter box area.  Over time, plastic litter boxes will stain and hold odors.  Replacing them every year or two will be necessary if you want to keep your kitty happy.  With a disposable litter box you can eliminate cleaning all together.  They’re better for your cat and easier on you.

 Enclosed litter boxes

Enclosed or covered litter boxes have made caring for a cat a lot easier, with high sides, an entrance and a lid – they have practically eliminated litter scatter.  These litter boxes are quickly becoming a favorite among cat lovers.  Like litter trays, enclosed litter boxes are mainly made from plastic.  Enclosed disposable litter boxes are making a charge at the mainly plastic market with designs that match everything we love about them – except you don’t have to clean them!  Most people think disposable litter boxes were designed for traveling or if you are in a pinch for a clean box but don’t have time to properly clean the plastic one.  That’s not the case anymore; enclosed disposable litter boxes are replacing plastic boxes as a litter box of choice.  They are affordable, convenient and eliminate the worst part of caring for a cat. 

 Most enclosed litter boxes are usually made of at least two pieces – a top and a bottom.  Some have doors and mats but being enclosed is what it’s all about.  Both the plastic and disposable litter boxes confine litter scatter.  With the plastic models you still have to clean the top and bottom the way you would any plastic litter tray.  With all the nooks and crannies of a plastic enclosed litter box, properly cleaning the grooves and latching points of two or more pieces could more than quadruple the time it takes to clean a plastic litter tray.  If you hate cleaning all that surface area inside of an enclosed litter box, opt for an enclosed disposable litter box. Cats Desire enclosed disposable litter box also comes in two pieces, each piece is identical so you just toss out the bottom and re-use the top for next week’s bottom.  This saves you from ever cleaning another litter box again and gives you a complete enclosed litter box each week at half the cost and half the waste of other covered disposable litter boxes.

 Boxes made from other materials are becoming more and more popular as people become more aware of how plastics affect our environment.  Moisture resistant barriers provide protection against liquids and solids when applied to cardboard, paper or pulp.  These products won’t last as long as plastic, disposables usually lasts up to a month, maybe longer if your cat allows it.  Plastic litter boxes are coming under fire by earth friendly activists and rightly so.  Plastic litter trays can last for hundreds of years in the landfill or even longer.  People who use plastic litter boxes still toss them out every year or two and replace them with another plastic litter box.  Plastic litter trays reach a point where stains and odors are impossible to remove.  Someday, someone will design a litter box that never needs cleaning and will be totally earth friendly and lasts forever – Cats Desire is almost there, we just haven’t figured out the forever part yet.


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