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Y U need a disposable litter box

 Y U need a disposable litter box

When asking cat owners about why they are fond of using plastic litter trays, they usually tell me "that’s what I grew up using" or "they last forever" or " what else is there?".  These are a few reasons kitty owners opt for the traditional plastic litter tray.  History and habit have them following the messy, stinky, nasty process of cleaning the cat's litter box in the same old hands on fashion; nose to nose and elbows deep in a plastic germ bucket.  They are totally unaware there are everyday disposable options out there.  Disposable litter boxes are fairly new to the pet market and it takes time for people to realize they can eliminate cleaning a litter box totally and permanently .  Disposable diapers were once considered a luxury for only the fortunate few.  Now, every mother and father understands how valuable they are because they saved time, eliminate germs and they can toss out the smell completely!  Young mothers and fathers quickly learned that easier was better.  Not just because it was faster but it was more sanitary for their young ones as well.  The same principles apply to the disposable litter box; it’s quicker, more sanitary and of course, disposable.  Young people in the future will remember the plastic litter box like we remember cloth diapers. 


 The two main reasons people have remained faithful to their plastic litter boxes are habit and costs.  Habits can be difficult to change but with a disposable litter box it just takes the decision to purchase and use them.  The costs seem to be why some people shy away from using disposable litter trays and boxes.  I used to think this way myself but then I thought about what I would pay to have my litter box scrubbed and cleaned (the way my cat likes it).  The cost of a disposable litter box was a lot less.  I would gladly pay my daughter five dollars each week to clean the litter box with hot water, soap and a disinfectant – getting her to do it was another challenge altogether!  With that figure of $5 in mind, I figured I could afford a disposable litter box and do it myself – and I do.  When someone grows up in a cat loving home they will automatically reach for the plastic litter tray once they have moved out on their own.  We have all done this, but is this the right way to handle the age old problem of litter box maintenance?  Perhaps changing from plastic to a recyclable product would be beneficial to everyone, including your cats. Here are 25 reasons I believe disposable litter boxes are a better method of dealing with our cat's bathroom needs:

  1. Completely eliminates litter box cleaning
  2. Sterile replacement for a heath conscience society
  3. Convenient
  4. Saves you time
  5. Easy to fold
  6. Strong and durable 
  7. Great for pregnant women
  8. Great for people with immune disorders
  9. Easier for the elderly or people with arthritis
  10. Green – earth friendly
  11. Eliminates toxic chemicals being used to clean plastic litter boxes
  12. Non-toxic food grade moisture resistant barrier inside
  13. Naturally unscented
  14. Helps to control odors
  15. Collapsible for easy disposal
  16. Use your choice of litter
  17. Cats love them – open or enclosed
  18. Great for vacations and traveling
  19. Ideal for your pet sitter while you are away
  20. No moving parts or electric sounds to scare your cats
  21. Disposable animal beds - just add a pillow or blanket
  22. Use for other litter box trained animals
  23. Great for expectant animals and their litters
  24. Recovery area for wounded or injured animals
  25. Your children may actually take over “the chore”

 With all the choices for disposable kitty litter boxes out there, there must be one for you.  Search the internet and see what you can find, compare costs and which ones will meet your expectations.  We believe you should never have to clean another litter box again!  Disposable litter boxes are easier on you and better for you cat.

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