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50+ years of Cats

susan harrelson

Numbers don't work as well when you are over 50. I've had cats my entire life. As a child traveling in a military family the cats often came with the trailer park. Indoor or outdoor all the cats came with a grandiose sense of well being. They made our lives better. Funny I don't recall Vet visits, fancy foods or collars. I do remember their names; Tippy, Dumpling, Lucky, Frisky, Booger, Rufus, Tuffy, Dilly, Mr. Kitty, Ollie, Little Kitty and Sidney. Some even had two or three names. Tuffy (female) was also known as Granny. I also recall some mischievous deeds. One in particular was a warm summer day that we enjoyed the family barbeque activity. The barbeque was left unattended for a few moments when Booger was spotted traveling backward dragging a steak with his teeth. He went under our neighbors trailer. Luckily we had plenty. He was seen later sunning in the grass with the biggest belly ever! We never figured out how he got that steak off the grill, guess he preferred his steak rare! We once had neighbors with a 30 pound cat on a chain. The cat was so large his stomach dragged the ground. They told us he was on the chain to protect their small poodle!  These are just a few of the memories I have of our cats. Do you have fun or unusual ones to share?

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