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Tossing out the litter box - forever!

susan harrelson

  During the last century many day-to-day items have gone disposable.  The reasons these products turned disposable are the same reasons the litter box is heading that way too.  Will the cat litter box be the next item in our homes to turn disposable?

 Convenience is the leading reason.  Convenience seems to be in the forefront of transforming everyday things like hand towels and handkerchiefs into facial tissue and paper towels.  Throwing away these germ holding products is only one reason why they are in every home.  They are also convenient to use and inexpensive for the great benefit they give.  Ridding our lives of germs has greatly extended our lifespan.  In the last one-hundred years, more and more items have become earth friendly and disposable.  Paper towels, napkins, facial tissue, toilet paper, toilet scrubbing pads, moist towelettes, paper plates, cups, plastic bags and the list continues to grow every year.

 With all the new ways of protecting our families from the germs and filth, the litter box has to be high on the list.  We pride ourselves on protecting our families by cleaning the house with disinfectants and sanitizers to help keep our loved ones healthy and our guests happy.  The bathrooms and kitchen area can be an oasis for germs and bacteria and that’s why we like to polish and shine them to showroom appearance.  With all that cleaning, shopping and juggling of other day-to-day chores, it’s no wonder the litter box could become the most unclean thing in the home.  We wouldn’t think about leaving an open dirty diaper lying around to spread disease, germs and odors throughout the home, so why do we find it okay to leave the litter box in need of a thorough cleaning for days or weeks?  The reason is: it’s out of sight and out of mind - “I’ll get to it tonight before I go to bed”.  But the kid’s need a bath, dinner needs cooked, pajamas need to be dried, toys picked up and the dirty litter box will just have to wait until tomorrow or the next day or next week

Without regular cleaning the litter box will quickly start to smell.  In nature, smelling bad indicates “stay away – danger ahead”.  An unpleasant smell means there are germs or contaminants we should be avoiding in the area, harmful to your family and your kitty.  Plastic litter trays and boxes work great for a while but the scratches begin to trap bacteria and contaminants which you may not see but your nose tells you another story.  If you can smell it, the box is still filthy, even if you just cleaned it.  Since we are so concerned about protecting our families from germs in the kitchen or bathroom, why do we overlook the only truly disgusting item in the home – the dirty litter box? 

 Disposable litter boxes are changing the way people handle their kitties waste and litter.  As economical as a roll of premium paper towels, disposable litter boxes make tossing a soiled litter box away both guilt free and time saving.  Instead of putting off that dreaded chore till tomorrow, you could change out a filthy disposable litter box in no time, leaving more time for other family matters.  If you haven’t thought about giving a disposable litter box a try, then take it upon yourself and spoil your kids, your cat and yourself.  You might never have to get out the rubber gloves, bottles of disinfectants and deodorizers ever again, wouldn’t that be disappointing?   Don’t just clean your cats diaper – throw it away, you’ll be glad you did!


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