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Pleasing a finicky kitty

susan harrelson

 Why cats are finicky is anyone's guess.  Their independence is one of the reasons we have come to adore them so much. If a kitty shows you affection it is because they genuinely want to be near you and love you.  Because they are so independent, each cat has their own personality - just like people.  Some cats are lazy, others are full of energy.  Some could care less while others are very particular.  They are truly unique to themselves. 

Taking care of a finicky cat can be challenging - finding the right food, the right litter box location, the right litter or even the right litter box can be a frustrating experience.  Finding a solution to your cats requirements is necessary if both of you wish to become best friends. Since you will be the one caring for them, try to sway them to your way of thinking and make it easy on yourself, after all, you are the owner.  

 A cat that eats only moist, canned food is cute, while finding a hard food they like will mean less expense and mess for you - which one is right?  Both are, it really depends on whether your kitty is finicky or not.  If your cat is finicky about the litter box location, move it around until they are satisfied.  If it's the litter, give them options until they demonstrate which one they prefer.  And if the litter box itself is in question, search for one they will use every time.  Finicky cats often require a spotless bathroom every day.  Maintaining a clean litter box can be daunting; the scooping; the washing; the disinfecting and deodorizing.  Owners who have a busy schedule can often forget to keep a tidy litter box.  This single issue can lead to disaster.  Thousands of precious kitties are abandoned to the animal shelter every year because of a stinky litter box.  A stinky litter box can lead to going outside the box.  Once a cat starts going outside the litter box, it can be very difficult to fix.  Keeping your kitty happy has to be a priority.  Scooping litter has to be right up there with hair ball clean-up!  I hated it too, but some cats require this regiment.  If you have to scoop and a covered litter box is hard to reach in to, choose a litter tray which is deeper than a traditional litter tray.  Deep trays are wonderful and will help contain litter yet allow you easy access for scooping.  Covered litter boxes are harder to scoop and even harder to clean.  Choosing a deeper litter box will certainly be worth it if you have a finicky cat who loves to scatter litter everywhere.  Sweeping up the area can become a constant chore; sweeping, cleaning, scooping - repeat.  The chore seems to be there every time you walk by.

 Obviously covered or enclosed litter boxes are harder to clean and maintain than an open litter tray.  Separating the pieces and cleaning with soap and water, disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorizers, etc… can be a hassle.  With finicky cats, sometimes you have to perform this task more often than you want or you risk having them going in places you don’t want them to go.  The shape of the lid and the way it locks together can quadruple the amount of time it takes to clean every little nook and cranny of both pieces of an enclosed litter box.  Even a traditional litter box takes several minutes to clean properly.  If you have multiple cats, the time adds up quickly!  Now may be the time to change to a disposable litter box and eliminate this task permanently.  

 Covered or enclosed litter boxes can be great a thing for a cat owner.  They hide unsightly looking items, reduce odor and control litter scatter wonderfully.  Be sure to maintain your litter box according to your cat’s habits – sometimes we can overlook maintaining our cats’ bathroom when we can't see what’s inside - out of sight, out of mind.  Keeping a clean litter box for you kitty is just part of being a cat lover.  Why not eliminate this one chore forever!  Try a disposable litter box.  They will keep both of your happy for years to come...

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