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Yes it is a disposable cat litter box.

I am still pleasantly surprised when people tell me, "you mean that's a temporary litter box." Yes of course it can be temporary, vacations and house guests are just two situations that could enable our disposable litter box to be temporary. Speaking to a friend yesterday we agreed the litter box allows you greater flexibility than a plastic one. You can scoop and sift if you want. When the litter box becomes unmanageable, toss it and start fresh. This flexibility is a key advantage to lessening a sometimes burdening chore. A comment from one of our customers noted that her old plastic box just never seemed to lose the odor, even when well cleaned. This is because plastic is porous and the bacteria impinges very tightly into the structure and builds up. You can clean it, but the bacteria are still there. The impetus for the product was an autoimmune disorder. We wanted to care of our cats and ourselves. Starting fresh and new feels good, to you and your kitty. We are thrilled to get comments, please keep sending them by using the tab on the home page. Susan

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