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The scoop on poop, cat that is.

Here's the scoop. Millions of acres of trees are farmed in the U.S. These trees support our people and our economy. Our corrugated product is made from recycled material as well, here in the U.S. Not 100 percent recycled unfortunately because the strength of the box would be compromised. Most of the plastic products used in the U.S. are now made in China. Plastic doesn't breakdown well without heat, more heat than is provided at the landfill. Therefore that plastic water bottle, milk jug, litter box or liner sits there for many generations to come. Scientists now think plastic based carbons will replace petroleum as our primary air pollutant. Cardboard degrades quickly.

You could teach your cat(s)to use the toilet. It has been done before. Researchers say the T. Gondi organism survives the waste water facility. This places our waterways as carriers. Furthermore most waste water treatment plants are running at near capacity. I speculate if your kitty ever slips and gets wet his or her toilet using times are over. Most importantly, human house guests could pose an inconvenience to your toilet trained feline!

A third option is one many cat owners adhere to. They simply let the cat(s) go outside. This might work if you live on a farm, not in a neighborhood or apartment as most of us do. Domesticated cats are easily injured when outdoors. Cars, dogs, even other cats pose a hazard. Not to mention fleas and other vectors your loving little kitty will endure due to being outdoors, all to bring back in to you of course. But that's why they make flea meds, but that's for another time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please keep sending comments, as free speech provokes thought. Susan 

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