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Disposable Litter Box reviews

I wanted to explain the differences between the 5 pack and the 10 pack. The 5 pack currently comes with three of the boxes prefolded. Many of our new customers use this version and the ready to use examples demonstrate how our product works. Another reason we do this is to encourage customers to graduate to the 10 packs. The 10 packs last longer and are a better cost value. (And looking at the order history it is working). We are always working on shipping costs as well, this is a large consideration for a small business. Huge companies ship millions of pieces and receive huge discounts on shipping. This allows them to in turn charge you very little or "seemingly free" shipping. This condition has changed the way customers look at internet shopping.  Although they are often cost shocked when they go to the ship their holiday packages!

It is good to mention that many of you are making the boxes last longer than designed. That's good! Rest assured that we will never lessen the quality of our litter box just to squeeze a few extra pennies. We firmly believe that the box will maintain for one healthy cat per box per week. It is true that the construction material is thicker than necessary, that was addressed several years ago when we first met with our manufacturer. We wanted a product we felt good with, and use ourselves. Please keep the comments coming in on the contact us tab. We read every one, and many good suggestions help us to help you and your kitties! Until next time, Susan. 

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