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We have boxes!

Our long awaited shipment of tooling changed boxes has arrived! We are very excited to offer our product with an even better folding-latching means. Same product you are accustomed to, only better - moisture barrier, identical top and bottom, giving you open or enclosed options. (Once its folded it stays folded.)  5packs are a great way to experience our product for the first time.  The 10 packs give added savings and are often used by our repeat customers. Thank you for purchasing our product. Please keep the questions and comments coming using the comments tab. Yours Truly, Susan.

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  • I just wanted to thank you for your great product. I had used disposable litter boxes before but find your design much better and more cost efficient. Also, the way that the boxes fold down for disposal is genius and makes a messy job so much easier. I have five cats and one litter box for each. I was able to just clean and add to the litter for about 2 months before replacing the entire thing. Thanks again!

    Ronda Cheatham

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