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Happy New Year! Best disposable litter box year ever! (Please keep your kitties inside during this cold winter).

We had our best year ever in 2014 and the best month ever as well in December. We want to thank each customer and wish them a healthy, safe and happy new year. Several events come to mind in 2014 as remarkable with the Cats Desire Disposable Litter box. We more than doubled our sales over 2013. It's not all about sales, we made advances in kinder ways. Our boxes were included in storm/hurricane kits as a ready to go product that would serve in case of a catastrophe.  We donated boxes to several individuals that needed them. I really wish I could make these just free for everyone, then I know many would use them.  Right now we are just offering the 10 packs, as UPS drastically jumped the shipping costs on us and make it impossible to ship a 5 pack without losing money. We are working on these costs to try to bring more options to you so that you can save money as well. If you have any suggestions on shipping or our product please click the contact us tab and let me/Tim know we read each comment. If you have used our product please leave us a comment on our new review tab, (We just installed that).  Thanks again for all the support of our product and Happy New Year. Please remember to keep your kitties indoors especially during these extreme cold winter months. It's dangerous anyway outside without factoring in frostbite.

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