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Cat won't go in the litter box

Good morning. We had a good question on our facebook page that I wanted to pass along. Its a problem that may not have an easy fix. When a cat refuses to use the litter box, its hard to say why the cat doesn't like the location you have chosen. One possible solution is to relocate the litter boxes to the places where the cat wants to use it. Yes that may be in the middle of the living room even. If you can get them to start using the boxes in their chosen location, after several days try moving...

Happy Easter from Cats Desire Disposable Litter boxes

Good Morning. I wanted to take this time to wish each customer and reader a joyful Easter Sunday. This is a great time to reflect on our lives and families. Our cats are an important part of our family. Thanks to each of you sales continue to surprise us. We intend to offer some exciting specials soon, giving credit to our faithful repeat customers while seeking new ones as well.  I would like to hear your ideas on how to best do this. We read each comment and look forward to your insights.  Happy Easter, Susan. Cats Desire Disposable Litter...

Happy New Year! Best disposable litter box year ever! (Please keep your kitties inside during this cold winter).

We had our best year ever in 2014 and the best month ever as well in December. We want to thank each customer and wish them a healthy, safe and happy new year. Several events come to mind in 2014 as remarkable with the Cats Desire Disposable Litter box. We more than doubled our sales over 2013. It's not all about sales, we made advances in kinder ways. Our boxes were included in storm/hurricane kits as a ready to go product that would serve in case of a catastrophe.  We donated boxes to several individuals that needed them. I really...

UPS store locator

Some of our customers prefer to have their litter boxes shipped to a nearby UPS store. Here is a useful link;     This link should give you a search tool to locate a nearby UPS location if you don't know where one is. Weather, work schedules and other difficulties can make this a viable option. Being easier at times to simply pick up the boxes there instead of home.  Please verify the individual store policy before listing them as your shipping address, as this would become the delivery destination for your order. A heartfelt thanks to each of our customers,...

We have boxes!

Our long awaited shipment of tooling changed boxes has arrived! We are very excited to offer our product with an even better folding-latching means. Same product you are accustomed to, only better - moisture barrier, identical top and bottom, giving you open or enclosed options. (Once its folded it stays folded.)  5packs are a great way to experience our product for the first time.  The 10 packs give added savings and are often used by our repeat customers. Thank you for purchasing our product. Please keep the questions and comments coming using the comments tab. Yours Truly, Susan.

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