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Common Cat problems

Cats can't taste sugar. This may seem harmless, but if you consider they are carnivores that are now domesticated and can no longer choose their food sources it becomes critical. Cats may lack a key enzyme named glucokinase that allows their livers to metabolize sugars. Some commercial cat foods contain up to 20 percent carbohydrates.  The cat could be eating food that is harmful and can't even taste it.

Caffeine is harmful to Cats. We all know coffee and soft drinks contain caffeine. Unfortunately even chocolate contains caffeine.  But even more surprising to me is that many plants contain caffeine. The list of plants and herbs containing caffeine is large, too much to list here.

Speaking of plants, many houseplants and outdoor plants can be harmful to our cats. Lillies and Sago Palms to start. Then the Calcium Oxalate family of plants which include the Chinese Evergreen and philodendron.  Over 40 types of Dracaena  are listed as harmful.  For a more comprehensive list of toxic plants please see the ASPCA website.  I thought these topics are worth paying special attention to now that spring is upon us, the time of growth. Thanks for reading, Susan. Cats Desire Disposable Litter Boxes.

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