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Cat won't go in the litter box

Good morning. We had a good question on our facebook page that I wanted to pass along. Its a problem that may not have an easy fix. When a cat refuses to use the litter box, its hard to say why the cat doesn't like the location you have chosen. One possible solution is to relocate the litter boxes to the places where the cat wants to use it. Yes that may be in the middle of the living room even. If you can get them to start using the boxes in their chosen location, after several days try moving that box a small amount toward a wall. (inches a day may be necessary)  Over time you may even get the boxes and the cat to where you want them to go, but don't count on it.  There are many theories about why cats choose certain locations to go to the bathroom; privacy, ownership, territory just to name a few. If you are suffering from your cat going all over the house we feel for you. Hopefully with some effort you and your cats will both be happy while enjoying the go. Until next time, Susan,   Cats Desire Disposable Litter Boxes

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