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Cats Desire litter box reviews

"This is the best litter for the lazy cat owner"...Robina G. 

" I live in a small condo. No cat box smells when you change the litter AND the container". Barbara R.

"They love them and so do I". Sheila P.

"Never buying anything else"!  Jenny S

"Plastic absorbs odors after several months...these are more sanitary for cats and humans".  Hardin F.

"3rd shipment here!  Really enjoying the convenience the product allows me with my four cats".  Anna R.

    Thanks so much to all of our customers and especially the ones who take the time to leave such gracious comments. You can see more reviews on our website and view our product as well. As I have been saying for some time we are working on offering the boxes with litter. I am very excited about this as we have had many people ask about it.  We currently sell the box on amazon well and many of our customers are now purchasing from them instead of us directly. Same product, but you get the advantages of Amazon Prime shipping.  We check the email everyday so use the button on the website and write us.  Yours Truly, Susan.

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