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Covid-19 and Cats.

     The Covid-19 virus has now made it to Cats. There are now diagnosed cases in the United States. April 22, 2020 the CDC in New York reported two separate cases of the Corona virus in household felines. In one case the owners had already tested positive for the virus. In the other case the owners have tested negative. In both cases the cats have mild respiratory symptoms and are expected to make full recoveries.  From CDC Media newsroom Confirmation of COVID-19 in two Pet Cats In New York.

     Now that we know Cats can indeed contract the Corona virus we should look at every possible way to minimize the spread. Of course include your Vet in any decisions concerning the diagnosis and treatment for any illnesses concerning your Cats. Then we should use our knowledge of different approaches to minimize the spread. It has been proven that surfaces retain the live virus differently. Stainless steel retains the live virus for up to 3 days. Plastic retains the live virus for up to 3 days. Cardboard retains the live virus for only up to 24 hours.   Taken from: WebMD Coronavirus and Surfaces. How long does the Corona Virus Live on Surfaces?

     If you have a cat that shows symptoms of the Covid-19 virus the litter box is definitely a surface that your Cat will come in contact with several times a day. You can disinfect your plastic or stainless steel litter box daily with a proper bleach mixture to kill the virus. The safe use of bleach and proper disinfection procedures can be found on the U.S. CDC website. If that seems dangerous to you our product offers an option without the extensive cleaning.

     Cats Desire litter box is made from trees grown in the United States. Our product is manufactured in the U.S. as well. The product is carefully handled and is stored for at least 72 hours before being packaged and shipped. With at least 2 days ship time that means at least 5 days since the product has been touched by a human before you receive the litter boxes. That's important given what we now know about the Covid-19 virus lifespan on surfaces.

     We would like you to consider using our product in the care of your precious fur babies. We use it everyday with our Sassy Cat, and we have used them since the products inception back in 2010.  Our product offers options. And options make life better.  Cats Desire Disposable Biodegradable Cat Litter Boxes and Cat Litter Trays. We can be found on Amazon at     

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