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Concerned about your cat and Covid 19? Here's an update;

susan harrelson

Unfortunately several cases of Covid 19 have been formally diagnosed in cats. The  good news is the two separate cases that were diagnosed in New York have made a full recovery. That was taken from the Washington Times News June 8 2020 CDC report. Further good news the article reports the cats did not spread the virus.

Another source states that a household cat in Minnesota has been diagnosed with Covid 19. Source- twincities June 02 2020. The cat is in Carver county Minnesota and is the first cat to be formally diagnosed with the virus in Minnesota. The article states that after 5 days the cat made a full recovery. However at the onset of the virus the cat did present with a 105 degree temperature!

On June 4th 2020, another cat was diagnosed, this time in Illinois. Information about that case can be found on the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) website. aphis.usda-gov/aphis.  The page shows the current cases tracked by the USDA.  The USDA is a valuable resource concerning the virus. Other valuable resources include the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WebMD.

The number of formally diagnosed cases of Covid 19 in cats is relatively small. This is an evolving situation, not cause for alarm by any means, but a definite flag to stay informed. I hope the above resources help you and your fur babies stay informed and safe. Thanks, Susan. Cats Desire Litter Boxes.

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