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disposable litter box amazon

Good morning. I need to tell you about a true opportunity to save money on our litter box. Amazon gave us a gracious offer to retail our product. Same quality made product at a much lower price to you. Our product is listed on our site for $49.99, the shipping costs are sometimes over half of it. This has made it very challenging to sell the boxes to you at a price that you can live with. That leaves us very little margin. Amazon shipping expenses must be considerably less. So given that our product is currently listed on Amazon...

disposable litter box petsmart review

disposable litter box petsmart review
If you check out a disposable litter box walmart, disposable litter box target, disposable litter box petsmart, or disposable litter box bulk, the end result will be the same.  To clarify that statement these retailers all carry the same products, including house brand versions. The sides are too short, and they don't give you the versatility of the cats desire.  You still end up cleaning because they don't catch allot of the litter, even go back to plastic by placing their box inside a larger plastic tub, and on and on.  For more information check out or shop us on Amazon, under pet supplies disposable litter boxes. Hope you are having a wonderful week, Susan.