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2013 was a great year!

We here at the cats desire have had allot happen in 2013. We sold way more boxes to customers all over the United States than we thought we would. Thanks to each and everyone who bought our product. A very special thank you to our loyal customers who are buying the box over and over. You are using the box just as we do. Please send questions or comments/requests as to how we can reward you.  Use the contact us tab. Don't be afraid to ask. We love hearing from you. We are close to having customers in every state. Sorry about overseas customers the shipping is cost prohibitive. We do not mark up shipping, and during 2013 we worked hard to contract the lowest cost shipping, to make our product more available. Being on television with DIY Network "I Want that", was and still is(reruns) a hallmark of our journey.We got a new website, giving us better response times to implement updates to better serve you. We spent time and expense in our approach to cat toys. Please stay tuned as in 2014 we will offer cat scratchers, cat teasers, and other cat toys to better serve you. All built right here in the United States.  Our love of Cats and humans is what brought us into this journey. We believe in the joy and love that comes from having a Cat. 

On a sad note,we lost Sidney in 2013. He was a very healthy 20 pound,15 year old kitty. He fell ill on a Friday evening with little warning. We took turns staying up with him during the night hoping the stomach bug would pass. Before the vet opened up around 5 a.m. Saturday Sidney simply stopped breathing.  He had lived his life totally indoors and on our laps. When company came to our house no matter who he immediately considered them his friend(and lap). He was the friendliest cat I ever knew. He was larger than our Chihuahua and never took the dogs jokingly ferocious invasions seriously. They often shared the same bed. His impression on our family will last. We are so glad to have had him with us. Looking forward to 2014, Susan. Cats Desire Disposable cat litter boxes   ....Pictures of Sidney


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