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We have boxes!

Our long awaited shipment of tooling changed boxes has arrived! We are very excited to offer our product with an even better folding-latching means. Same product you are accustomed to, only better - moisture barrier, identical top and bottom, giving you open or enclosed options. (Once its folded it stays folded.)  5packs are a great way to experience our product for the first time.  The 10 packs give added savings and are often used by our repeat customers. Thank you for purchasing our product. Please keep the questions and comments coming using the comments tab. Yours Truly, Susan.

Best cat litter box soon as a prefolded 5 pack?

As I awaken on this beautiful Sunday morning with my coffee, of course I am thinking of the cat litter box. Probably not in the way most think of one, its clean, now dirty, now clean again... But in ways to improve what is already pretty good. An experience of my sister in law comes to mind. A little over a year ago she was anxious to show the litter box to her friend a veterinarian. (She is not a cat owner,yes there are some decent people out there that are not). She said the folding of the box in...

2013 was a great year!

We here at the cats desire have had allot happen in 2013. We sold way more boxes to customers all over the United States than we thought we would. Thanks to each and everyone who bought our product. A very special thank you to our loyal customers who are buying the box over and over. You are using the box just as we do. Please send questions or comments/requests as to how we can reward you.  Use the contact us tab. Don't be afraid to ask. We love hearing from you. We are close to having customers in every state....

Help eliminate some plastic!

Plastic bags, plastic trays, plastic headache!   Plastic bags are filling our landfills, floating in our lakes and lining our highways and fences.  Plastic bags could be one of the greatest products ever made, cheap, light weight, strong, compact and durable – too durable!  Plastic bags are used everywhere we go – the mall, lumberyard, restaurants, parts store, garden center and of course, the grocery store “paper or plastic”.  I must admit, they’re great!  From yard bags to sandwich bags, they come in handy for everything and can be re-used for everything requiring a container, well, almost everything.   I see...

Y U need a disposable litter box

 Y U need a disposable litter box When asking cat owners about why they are fond of using plastic litter trays, they usually tell me "that’s what I grew up using" or "they last forever" or " what else is there?".  These are a few reasons kitty owners opt for the traditional plastic litter tray.  History and habit have them following the messy, stinky, nasty process of cleaning the cat's litter box in the same old hands on fashion; nose to nose and elbows deep in a plastic germ bucket.  They are totally unaware there are everyday disposable options out...

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