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Best cat litter box soon as a prefolded 5 pack?

As I awaken on this beautiful Sunday morning with my coffee, of course I am thinking of the cat litter box. Probably not in the way most think of one, its clean, now dirty, now clean again... But in ways to improve what is already pretty good. An experience of my sister in law comes to mind. A little over a year ago she was anxious to show the litter box to her friend a veterinarian. (She is not a cat owner,yes there are some decent people out there that are not). She said the folding of the box in front of the vet was very frustrating and she left embarrassed. She hadn't taken my advice to watch the videos first on the website.  I like the one where a 10 year old girl makes short order of it, while hamming it up along the way.                                                                                                                                                                    

Sometimes simple is simple. The very act of folding the litter box has become almost second nature after several years. That leads me to take for granted what a first time folder might encounter. It seems human nature to really want to understand something even when it doesn't actually have a deeper or hidden meaning. The idea that there must be more to this. I stared at the first one too. At that time the only instructions were on the box itself. We didn't have a website, no video presentations. However by the time I had changed Little Kitties and Sidney's litter box several times I could grab and fold a box with ease. I was so happy (maybe even thrilled) most definitely well satisfied to not have to clean another litter box again. The effort and investment in my business  is well worth it just for that one small yet huge factor, its personal. Personally satisfying to know as a lifelong cat lover I am providing my cat with a very clean environment, and at the same time giving myself some relief. Personally satisfying every time I see another person much like myself who is using my product. Finally I will get back to the thought I had before my coffee got cold... 

The box coming to you pre-folded. Soon we will go back to a 5 pack, (the DIY Special is really selling, but we are losing money and I can't keep that up). I have spent allot of time and effort in keeping costs down. I mean really down. Most of all so that more people will enjoy the product. I have gotten a quote for shipping that configuration, it will cost slightly more. Shipping is a very expensive endeavor, and often exceeds the cost of the actual litter boxes. If you haven't shipped anything lately other than gift cards stop by Walmart and price a medium size shipping box and then get a couple of price estimates to ship it across our country. You will be amazed at what that costs. I have never marked up shipping or charged fees for handling. It is just less confusing to give each of you one price, and yes often we lose money on the shipping.

To close, we are enthusiastic at the concept of offering the box pre-folded. I anticipate this change in early 2014. If you are currently using the box will you click the contact us tab and leave us a note on this idea? Or call the number on the site, we do have a live person! If you miss Tim please leave him a message and he will return your call. Thanks and have a meowful day, Susan.

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