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January Our Best Month Yet!

Sunday mornings I spend reflecting on the week. This Sunday I am reflecting on a very promising month and the first month of our new year. We reached more customers in the month of January than ever before! One of our great customers wrote us a very kind testimonial that with her permission I am sharing with you. She wrote; " Just wanted to let you know how great these are. I like how they are disposable, they hold up great. I have two cats that when they use the box they sound like they are digging to China. They have never gone through the box, i have never had a leak. I like on trash day I just fold it up and throw it away. I never thought I would use a card board litter box, but I have been ordering them for over a year now.  Many Thanks, Nancy K.  Vienna, Va."   Many thanks to you Nancy for taking your time to write us. It warms my heart to know you(and your Kitties) are enjoying the box.  Please use the contact us tab like Nancy did, we really do read the emails! Thank you for considering and using our product. Susan

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