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Cat Litter Box Disposable and ready to use!

Good Morning. I am very pleased this morning to be offering you our product now prefolded and ready to use. This is a huge step in helping our customers, new and established to enjoy our product. We have had several comments over the past three years that the tabs didn't fit together easy. This was/is not a problem for us as we have folded literally thousands of these litter boxes. However my sister in law reported she was puzzled and frustrated mostly because she didn't take the time to look at the videos prior to her first folding experience. After...

Saving of the Green! Ends 3-17-14 St. Patricks Day.

Good morning, as I was posting the sales we are having this morning I noticed the links for our social media don't work. Yes we have a facebook page. its   Our twitter is;   our pinterest is   I don't get on these as much as I would like with all there is to handle these days, but they they do get checked from time to time. Happy St. Patricks day. Susan

The scoop on poop, cat that is.

Here's the scoop. Millions of acres of trees are farmed in the U.S. These trees support our people and our economy. Our corrugated product is made from recycled material as well, here in the U.S. Not 100 percent recycled unfortunately because the strength of the box would be compromised. Most of the plastic products used in the U.S. are now made in China. Plastic doesn't breakdown well without heat, more heat than is provided at the landfill. Therefore that plastic water bottle, milk jug, litter box or liner sits there for many generations to come. Scientists now think plastic based...