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Cat Litter Box Disposable and ready to use!

Good Morning. I am very pleased this morning to be offering you our product now prefolded and ready to use. This is a huge step in helping our customers, new and established to enjoy our product. We have had several comments over the past three years that the tabs didn't fit together easy. This was/is not a problem for us as we have folded literally thousands of these litter boxes. However my sister in law reported she was puzzled and frustrated mostly because she didn't take the time to look at the videos prior to her first folding experience. After deciding to send the boxes folded for you, we shifted gears so to speak in packaging so that no cost increases would occur. Then we had to overcome any shipping hurdles, not wanting to incur any added costs there as well. Now the boxes will come ready to go. The shipping box is taller, but the same product inside just easier for you to use. We hope that you continue to use our product. Please leave us a comment by using the contact us tab at the bottom of the homepage. Have a meowful day! Susan  P.S. We still offer the 10 pack as a not prefolded version, with considerable savings for our established customers.

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