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Disposable Litter Tray: Shipping Outside United States

In the past week two potential customers have contacted us asking if our disposable litter trays are available outside the U.S. Unfortunately the costs involved are prohibitive to providing our product outside the 48 contiguous states. Obviously we regret this situation. Shipping costs are a large part of the expense of providing the convenience of our disposable litter tray. We pride ourselves in not marking up this cost. We don't use shipping and handling fees to mislead or inflate profit. While our shipping rate is low compared to the average households, we have access to reduced shipping, our costs are no where near the extremely low costs of the largest retailers. The shipping costs they have are so low that we find it a good challenge to compete. They pass on to you, whether you know it or not the privilege provided through shipping millions of pieces. This is awesome for you as a consumer because it removes some of the cost barrier and allows you to focus more on the product price and quality rather than wondering if you can afford to have it delivered.  Nonetheless our disposable litter trays are being delivered to many homes in the United States. I hope someday in the not too distant future our shipping volume will grow so large that we will be able to send the Cats Desire Litter box all over the world.  The sale price of $19.99 for 5 of our litter boxes is the best possible price imaginable. Everyday I wonder how much longer we will be able to stay at this low on the price. There is not another product like our disposable litter box.  Everyday I am so thankful for the true treasure that not having to clean the litter box provides to me and my family. Keeping the price low allows more folks to enjoy the same freedom. If you have even remotely considered trying a disposable litter box now is the best time. Please keep the comments coming as I truly enjoy them. Have a meowful day! Susan

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