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Disposable litter trays 10 pack explained.

susan harrelson

We had a question from a customer that I would like to address. The difference in the disposable litter trays 10 pack being not pre-folded versus the five packs which do now come pre-folded and ready to use; The 10 packs are intended for our regular customers who are well accustomed with folding the box. We are able to ship these disposable litter boxes to you in one container and that allows us and you to save some of the shipping expense. This also saves room in customers apartments/homes since all the disposable litter boxes are in one box. When a customer returns and orders a 10 pack(and some even 2 or 3) it makes our hearts soar. Because you are using the box just like us. And you value the flexibility and convenience that ultimately benefits our feline friends. Each time you place a new disposable litter tray your kitties get a fresh start. We designed the box for one cat per week. We tested the box over several months and did indeed find the box would hold up longer if wanted. I used it for our 2 cats for 3 years, changing it out every three days or so. It never failed. We pushed the box to its limits in the beginning just to note how long it could stand up. We scooped and cleaned and treated it like a plastic box. Allowing the urine to break down the moisture barrier and impregnate the cardboard. This was done several times. I found the box would withstand without failing(which would be a disaster) given two average sized healthy feline volunteers 10 days. Our box manufacturer/engineer who is also a cat lover/cat owner advised us that the box didn't need to be as heavy as the material we chose to use. We stuck to our instincts and used the heavier material without regard to the added costs. These experiences in no way state that our disposable litter box is intended to go beyond the one cat/one week/one box guidelines. It merely passes on to you our commitment as fellow cat lovers that the Cats Desire can help make your life a little easier and benefit your little kitty as well. Thanks for reading and keep the questions coming. Susan  P.S. If you are a first time user or are considering our product please watch the videos as they are a good visual representation of how the box works.

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