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Disposable litter tray that's foldable too!

Sometimes customers point out what seems like a small detail,but turns into an important find. We want everyone to understand and get the full benefit that our product provides.  A couple of days ago a customer commented that they had seen our box on television. The video was great but at the very end it failed to show our disposable litter tray being folded for disposal. Soon after I found the video and viewed it again. Sure enough as the lady tossed the box it wasn't folded. This is a very important attribute of our product. The fact that one can close off the waste for discreet disposal is one of the main attractions when using our litter box. Wondering if I could somehow prove out my theory of how important this is, I took a look at the responses to ads and the various pictures provided in the advertisements. The photos depicting our litter tray folded for quick disposal by far were viewed more often than the others. This curiosity for the litter box in the folded configuration lends credence and value to the questions; Can your litter box do this? Do you need an alternative from your plastic litter box? Please take a look at the video below and watch how our litter box folds up to be thrown away. Next time you clean your cats litter box, ask yourself "wouldn't it be great to just fold this up, toss and start fresh"? BTW- Don't forget the folding!



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