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susan harrelson

“Overall really like these disposable litter boxes. Used to use the traditional plastic ones and they just get really dirty after awhile. Cannot get rid of the smell and eventually have to throw them out. These disposable cardboard litter boxes last a pretty long time over all if you clean them daily and keep a lot of cat litter in it. They don't smell and you have to love just tossing them out when they are no longer useable.” Craig H.   “Couldn't be happier!” pg-22   “Works great after a month toss in the trash and replace. High sides...

Real customers real reviews of our disposable litter box. Thanks a lot to everyone.

susan harrelson

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"Very nice useful item for a small condo." Barbara R. "Love them!! So happy I don't have to scrub litter boxes anymore" Regina S. "Best. Thing. Ever.  No more dumping litter into a bag and scrubbing(or not) gross litter boxes." Christy C. 3rd.  "3rd shipment here. Really enjoying the convenience the product allows me with 4 cats." Anna R. Great boxes. "Plastic absorbs odors after several months...these are more sanitary for cats and humans." Hardin F. You can check out more reviews on the desktop version of and on amazon. Thanks, Susan.  

This is your Cat Litter Box if unique is what you seek.

Good morning. It is with a glad heart that I need to tell you that our product was after 5 years granted a USPTO patent. I myself don't have the patent number as of yet as I am waiting for the package from the attorney. This is exciting for us in many ways. First it validates that our product is unique as we have always believed. It should help us as we move forward with the development of our product. Soon we will post the patent number for any interested parties.  We continue to work on putting litter with the...

cleaning a litter box?


Amazon litter boxes

Good morning I would like to address the amazon situation with our disposable litter boxes. We listed the 10 pack for sale with Amazon with the vendor express program.  We ship our litter boxes to them and they take orders and fill them. Somehow several of the orders were improperly filled. They shipped one or two of the boxes to customers instead of the 10 pack they had purchased. So far hearing from our customers Amazon is making this right with them directly. We are closely watching this situation. We recently agreed to relist the product under a new UPC...