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A Moist Important Part

I admit it. I too thought, "how can a cardboard box hold up?"  At first they didn't. When we originally came up with the Cats Desire disposable litter box, the box was without the moisture barrier. You had to be very careful about how long you let the box sit. With our two large cats, a couple of days worth of urine made a plain box ruined.  There were a couple of disasters, (picture dirty litter under the washer and dryer).  This prompted the  moisture barrier, and with that came a wonderful change!  The litter box design features,(heavy, thick material, open or enclosed, large upwardly open structure, identical interlocking handles, suitcase fold up for discreet discard) all added to the moisture barrier which truly allows the litter material to accomplish its job. Our cats have always liked the closed version, with both a top and bottom. We have enjoyed the product for over three years. It is intended for one cat per week per box. We have had reports of some customers making a single box last up to a month. That's wonderful, but not recommended.  Many folks are taking advantage of our DIY special, thank you! Our product is built in the United States, and at the present time we are limited to the lower 48 United States, besides shipping to South Africa was 700 dollars!

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