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New Cat Care Product Soon!

susan harrelson

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New Cat Care Product Soon!

     I am excited to tell you today we are getting close to adding another cat care product to our line. An innovative cat bed that combines several of the best loved features of existing cat beds. This process as you can imagine takes allot of work and time to get it right. We are approaching the prototype phase and then it will progress on to the product tester, (our own Sassy Cat). This part is one of the most satisfying, getting to see how our own cat reacts to the product. After that has been done for several weeks...

A Moist Important Part

I admit it. I too thought, "how can a cardboard box hold up?"  At first they didn't. When we originally came up with the Cats Desire disposable litter box, the box was without the moisture barrier. You had to be very careful about how long you let the box sit. With our two large cats, a couple of days worth of urine made a plain box ruined.  There were a couple of disasters, (picture dirty litter under the washer and dryer).  This prompted the  moisture barrier, and with that came a wonderful change!  The litter box design features,(heavy, thick material,...