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Biodegradable Litter Box Covid 19 update.

We at Cats Desire Litter Boxes are closely monitoring the Covid 19 situation. All of our employees are practicing safe distancing and masking as necessary. We are 100 percent USA sourced and manufactured. We are in close contact with our suppliers to maintain our inventory in order to supply you our customers with the best and only Patented Biodegradable Litter Box. Paper supplies continue to be in high demand worldwide. Thank you very much for being our customer and we appreciate your patience during this time. We are filling orders daily and working hard to satisfy our customers and their...

Covid-19 and Cats.

Covid-19 and Cats.

     The Covid-19 virus has now made it to Cats. There are now diagnosed cases in the United States. April 22, 2020 the CDC in New York reported two separate cases of the Corona virus in household felines. In one case the owners had already tested positive for the virus. In the other case the owners have tested negative. In both cases the cats have mild respiratory symptoms and are expected to make full recoveries.  From CDC Media newsroom Confirmation of COVID-19 in two Pet Cats In New York.      Now that we know Cats can indeed contract the Corona...