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Freezing cold temperatures

As most of the United States is under sub zero temperatures, its simply too cold to let the cat(s) outside. It only takes a few minutes to produce frostbite when the temperature is this extreme. The catsdesire disposable litter box provides a timely solution during these situations. The litter box can be kept indoors then tossed away when the temperatures allow the cat to be let back out. While I personally never advocate letting cats outside to fend for themselves, our product does indeed offer a solution. The animals can get hurt, get exposed to diseases,i.e. parasites, fleas, dogs, unfriendly...

Help eliminate some plastic!

Plastic bags, plastic trays, plastic headache!   Plastic bags are filling our landfills, floating in our lakes and lining our highways and fences.  Plastic bags could be one of the greatest products ever made, cheap, light weight, strong, compact and durable – too durable!  Plastic bags are used everywhere we go – the mall, lumberyard, restaurants, parts store, garden center and of course, the grocery store “paper or plastic”.  I must admit, they’re great!  From yard bags to sandwich bags, they come in handy for everything and can be re-used for everything requiring a container, well, almost everything.   I see...

Y U need a disposable litter box

 Y U need a disposable litter box When asking cat owners about why they are fond of using plastic litter trays, they usually tell me "that’s what I grew up using" or "they last forever" or " what else is there?".  These are a few reasons kitty owners opt for the traditional plastic litter tray.  History and habit have them following the messy, stinky, nasty process of cleaning the cat's litter box in the same old hands on fashion; nose to nose and elbows deep in a plastic germ bucket.  They are totally unaware there are everyday disposable options out...

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