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Where to place your litter box

susan harrelson

Locating your litter box  A properly located litter box can drastically improve the joy of owning a cat.  Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a location that works well for you and your cat.  Choosing an area to place your litter box depends on several key variables which could come into play for selecting a great location.  Not all of these variables may apply to your cat.  Cats vary in personality as much as people do so some situations won’t apply to your cat.   The location should accommodate what your cat needs in order to feel at ease when using...

Litter scatter, what to try

susan harrelson

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Aggressive litter scatter, what to try  Maintaining a cat that scatters litter all over the area can be a headache.  It is natural for cats to cover-up, that’s just how they are.  They have been doing this since the beginning; it covers their scent and prevents predators from following their trail - pretty smart for a small little house cat.  Some cats can be very aggressive about hiding their business and the litter goes everywhere.  If your cat won’t use a covered litter box, select one with high walls to help contain the litter scatter.  It won’t stop all the...

Discovering a litter box option

susan harrelson

How I accidentally started a business I may be revealing my age a little here but when I was born my mother was still using cloth diapers.  She used them on my older brother and also on my little sister.  My sister and I are only fourteen months apart and for a short while mom had two little ones in cloth diapers – what a mess, literally!  Hearing mom talk about it later on in life was both funny and tragic.  It sounded like all she did was change diapers and wash diapers, all day, every day.  Bless dad’s heart,...