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Who uses disposable litter boxes?

susan harrelson

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Who uses disposable litter boxes? You might think only wealthy people, vacationers or lazy people would be those who choose to buy disposable kitty litter boxes, you would be wrong.  Women, men, boys and girls are all turning to disposable litter boxes – and for good reason.  With our busy schedules and concerns about keeping our homes a safe place for their children to play, disposable litter boxes can become a much needed time saver.  Imagine how those individuals, who have changed to disposable litter boxes, never have to scrub out that plastic tray again; never having to put on...

Finicky cats and litter boxes

susan harrelson

Finicky cats can benefit from disposable litter boxes If your cats are finicky and need a spotless bathroom every day, I feel for you.  Scooping litter has to be right up there with hair ball clean-up!  I hate it too, but some cats require this regiment or they will find somewhere else to go.  If you have to scoop and a covered litter box is hard to reach in to, choose a box which is open and deeper than a traditional litter tray.  These will help contain litter yet allow you easy access for scooping.  Covered litter boxes are harder...

Cats and elderly people are a purrrfect match

susan harrelson

Elderly people need companionship too                  Elderly people and cats make great companions for each other for many reasons.  Many times the elderly feel lonely or need a friend to help pass the time between visits from family, friends and neighbors.  This can be a source of guilt or sadness for the caretaker, realizing their elderly family member or neighbor may be lonely and in need of affection and a reason to rise and shine in the morning.  This doesn’t have to be the case for your family member or friend… a cat can be...

Where to place your litter box

susan harrelson

Locating your litter box  A properly located litter box can drastically improve the joy of owning a cat.  Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a location that works well for you and your cat.  Choosing an area to place your litter box depends on several key variables which could come into play for selecting a great location.  Not all of these variables may apply to your cat.  Cats vary in personality as much as people do so some situations won’t apply to your cat.   The location should accommodate what your cat needs in order to feel at ease when using...

Litter scatter, what to try

susan harrelson

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Aggressive litter scatter, what to try  Maintaining a cat that scatters litter all over the area can be a headache.  It is natural for cats to cover-up, that’s just how they are.  They have been doing this since the beginning; it covers their scent and prevents predators from following their trail - pretty smart for a small little house cat.  Some cats can be very aggressive about hiding their business and the litter goes everywhere.  If your cat won’t use a covered litter box, select one with high walls to help contain the litter scatter.  It won’t stop all the...