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Choosing a litter box for your kitty...

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Litter box options  Whether you are shopping for an existing cat or choosing a litter box for a new kitty, choosing a style and type they like shouldn’t be much of a problem.  Whether choosing a plastic litter tray or a disposable litter box, there are plenty of options available in the litter box category.  Cats will use any litter box as long as it is clean, odorless and is filled with a litter they like.  Since this is usually the case, select a box that helps you eliminate as many issues for yourself as possible.  After all, you will...

Happy Thanksgiving

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We here at Cats Desire Disposable litter boxes want to take a few moments to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. This is the time for family and friends, both human and the furry kind. One idea we have for this year is to take more photos of guests with the kitty. This will make the memories even more special.  This year we have experienced phenomenal growth. The holidays are a wonderful chance to experience the convenience of our disposable litter trays.  That's why we are offering our best deal ever. Free Shipping, coupled with the DIY special, can't be beat...

Tired of cleaning the litter box?

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Are you tired of cleaning your cats litter box?  I was….  The smell, the chemicals, the rubber gloves, the disinfectants and the hassle seems to pop up at the most inconvenient time.  Why?...  Because no one likes to clean a litter box; they’re smelly and full of germs – just like a diaper!  Although most Americans are using disposable diapers for their babies needs, disposable litter boxes seem to be frowned upon as wasteful and unnecessary; nothing could be farther from the truth.  Cats Desire disposable litter boxes were designed to provide the easiest method to handle your cats’ waste;...

A Moist Important Part

I admit it. I too thought, "how can a cardboard box hold up?"  At first they didn't. When we originally came up with the Cats Desire disposable litter box, the box was without the moisture barrier. You had to be very careful about how long you let the box sit. With our two large cats, a couple of days worth of urine made a plain box ruined.  There were a couple of disasters, (picture dirty litter under the washer and dryer).  This prompted the  moisture barrier, and with that came a wonderful change!  The litter box design features,(heavy, thick material,...

Convenience Convenience Convenience

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